Monthly Archives: October 2014

Our Stripper

We have an old stripper at Tennant Rubber. No, we’re not talking about Adrian, although what he does in his private life is up to him entirely! Ours is a Merkle, which we bought back in the 1960s. We reckon that having converted over 2000 miles of strip, it’s just about broken in now and approaching peak performance.
These machines are designed to convert sheet material into full length strip. The simplicity of our Merkle gives the ability to strip a wide range of grades and thicknesses of materials. Although the machine even pre-dates our Chairman, it was designed to allow maximum flexibility in the widths we can cut, and we are able to achieve some of the tightest tolerances possible for this type of conversion.
Most of the equipment that we have invested in more recently, give us many advantages over some of the older machines. There have been many innovations in processing cured sheet materials, but they really don’t make stuff like this anymore!