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Duck the halls with boughs of holly

Beryl's Xmas jumperTennant Rubber and Tennant Varipak are entering into the Children in Need Christmas jumper challenge. And I haven’t got a thing to wear! What this? Oh I’ve had this for years. It’s not easy finding knitwear that will slip over your wings you know. Perhaps Phil in Production could make me something out of our 0.6mm thick silicone coated glasscloth.

The clicker press

Swing beam

This bit of kit was originally designed for the shoe making industry. Officially it is called a swing beam press, because the cutting head swings on a pivot set behind the cutting bed. It is used to cut out gaskets using knife tooling and can apply several tonnes of pressure to cut a whole range of different materials. Tooling for this machine is surprisingly cheap which can make even very small runs economic to produce.

It is also known in the trade as a hytronic press and as a clicker press. We believe that clicker presses get their name from the original application in the shoe industry. Originally the leather uppers where cut by hand using cardboard templates with brass edges. The sound of the knives against the brass edging would fill the room with a ‘clicking’ sound, and this room became known as the clicker room.



Look who found Beryl

Congratulations to Martin Brooks, Claire Manning, Paul Jones and Mark Griffin who all found Beryl and won a prize in the October Where’s Beryl competition. It’s better than hook-a-duck!

We apologise for a couple of technical glitches to begin with, but we got them ironed out quickly and lots of you enjoyed taking part. Sorry if you didn’t win this time, but…..

…….she’s moved again!!! See if you can find her now. You know what she looks like, so she needs no introducktion.