Monthly Archives: August 2015

Like a duck to water

Beryl and cruiserThis ship, seen here in Fowey Harbour is called The World. Beryl thought she was going on board but realised she couldn’t afford even a Gin and Tonic, let alone a cabin. Some of these can be bought for £8million they reckon… just a cabin, not the ship that is!! She’s impressive looking though eh?…our Beryl.

Beryl’s off again

We haven’t announced any of the winners of the Where’s Beryl? competitions for a while. Up to our necks in gaskets I am afraid.

Congratulations to Will Thorley, Heather MacDonald, Liam Tweedy and Paul McBride amongst others who have won over the past months.

But she’s back and she’s roaming again. Find her if you can. She’s left all her ducks in a row though. Good housekeeping.


Welcome to Liam

Our Production Department has increased it’s turnover by 30% in the last 2 years. Whilst the existing team have done a fantastic job in making this possible, we decided that it was time to get in some new blood.

WP_20150803_16_12_02_Pro[1]Liam Tayler joined us in May, following some really good interview candidates. As you can see from the photo, he’s cack-handed and mad as a box of frogs, so he fitted in straight away.

On a more serious note, Liam is really customer focussed and understands the need for flexibility with production planning. We look forward to many years with Liam in our team.

Beryl is back

After some time off, The Tennant Rubber Duck has returned home to the roost. Watch this space for details of what she’s been up to.

No head for heightsBeryl’s brief stay in The Lake District involved  two nights in the Tower Room of a secluded guest hose. She was going to use this windowsill as a launch pad for her maiden flight, but bottled it in the end.

WP_20150714_12_46_48_Pro[1]A swift jar or two at The Mortal Man in Troutbeck  steadied her nerves a bit. No sign of cousin Jemima at Town End Farm though.