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Beryl on the Red Carpet

Oscars 2Beryl swapped her black cape and fangs for a new scarf and facial to accept her award for Best Performance from a Polymer Based Aquatic Bird in a Horror Movie. Whitby-Abbey-24[1]Her role as the Countess Duckula in the film Beryl Goes to Whitby, won her great acclaim from her peers who went quackers at the premier.

It was notable that her co-star in the film Roland Le-Rat who played Count Ratcula was not nominated.Count Ratula strikes close up In fact this years ceremony will be noted for being yet another year when no hand-operated rodents were nominated in any category and many rodents and other small mammals boycotted the event in protest.

In her acceptance speech Beryl said “Quaaack, quack-quack-quack-quack, quack QUAAAAK, quack-quack-quack, quack QUAAAAK”……..thought provoking words I am sure you’ll agree.

Disclaimer: Beryl’s words and behaviour are her responsibility and in no way represent the opinions of the Tennant Rubber Company who retain the right to deny any connection to her should the rumours of her fowl behaviour with Mr DiCaprio prove to have any place in reality and not simply be the product of her vivid imagination.



Beryl in The Lakes

Beryl has just returned from a trip to Cumbria. There were plenty of places for her to practice her swimming technique but after her Italian escapades she decided that discretion was the better part of valour and stuck to dry land…..not that there is a lot of that in The Lakes at the moment. Some of the local towns have had it bad and still struggling to open up for business. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s still a great place to go and enjoy fantastic scenery, wildlife and food. Here is a taste of what she got up to.

20160204_120343[1]Stormy weather over Derwent Water and Keswick. This was half way up Catbells. She stayed in the rucksack after this point as her flying skills are not quite up to the winds up there.

20160203_191640[1]Enjoying an evening in front of the fire, but careful not to get too close. That’s how she lost her eyebrows!

20160202_121218[1]A beautiful day in Ennerdale. She was there a long time but failed to lay an egg. The larch trees here are suffering from a fungus disease called Phytophthora ramorum. Possibly originally brought into the UK on infected rhododendron, they are fighting this by removing large swathes of trees to form a natural barrier. Not too noticeable in the winter but I would image it will make the place look different once it all comes into leaf.

20160202_154110[1]Just to prove that we did also have some sunshine. This is a view from Lorton Valley of the entrance to Whinlatter Pass.

We had great food in The Bridge at Buttermere, Zeffirelli’s in Ambleside and Quince & Medlar in Cockermouth. No photos I’m afraid as my wife wouldn’t let me take the duck to the restaurants!!