Monthly Archives: October 2016

Bin a waste of time?

Sometimes you just have to use those things that are available to you at the time. We needed something with a big diameter that we could fix to a bench temporarily to help support this large flexible.

bin-a-waste-2 Things like this can be harder to handle than Liam after a morning session on his favourite energy drink. bin-a-waste-of-time But the end result is a completely continuous interface between the lining and the flange, meaning less clumping of powders when processing and less weak points.

contiuous-flange-to-liner-interface The soft-bond technology used in creating the flange, means that the flexibility of the rubber isn’t restricted by the adhesive and therefore there is less residual stress in the structure.

Bruce’s bonus is that it folds up neatly for packing too!soft-bond-flex

Beryl is hooked on Goose Fair

Who’s going to Goose Fair then? For those customers of ours that are not from Nottingham, then we don’t actually sell Geese at the fair anymore, but it goes back to the 13th Century when geese where driven to Nottingham in the autumn. It used to be held in Slab Square but was moved to The Forest Recreation Ground and is now host to hundreds of rides. More about the details of Goose Fair can be found on the Nottingham City Council Website

But you can’t put smells on a website……yet! and Goose Fair has it’s own evocative aroma. A heady mixture of toffee apples, burgers, candy floss, adrenaline, ozone and exhaust fumes….It’s nicer than it sounds, honest.