Monthly Archives: January 2017

Re-united with UK Manufacturer

Tennant Rubber has had an excellent trading relationship with Griflex over many years.  Our access to so many different markets has meant that their range of products perfectly compliments our level of service.

Oil filler

Now that the Griflex brand is back and manufacturing in the UK, Tennant Rubber are delighted to be keeping many of their products on the shelf here in Nottingham with quick access to the full range in their new facility in the West Midlands.


Seed drill

This leviathan may look like the Mother Ood, but it is a seed drill and stacked to the gunnels with Griflex hose. This and the picture above of a bottle filler, shows some of the diversity of the range of Griflex hose that Tennant Rubber can provide.

Close up

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